25 Days of Cookies

Epicurious has had a series of cookies published with a new cookie recipe each day starting on the first of December.  I have posted many of these on several social networking sites hoping my friends and follo(se who tried some of these cookies.

For the last several years my wife has stated that she hates baking and normally that task is relegated to me.  But last weekend for some reason or another, she got the baking bug and baked up three different batches of cookies.  While she did not pick recipes from the Epicurious list, she did make a variation of the oatmeal cookies (Day 20), some chewy bars (similar to day 10) and chocolate treets (close to day 18).  Results were mixed in her mind but I get to eat the results and they taste really good.

We want to know about your experiences with cookies for the holidays.  So add comments and recipes here.  I will have a surprise for the best entry.



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