June 12, 2013

Quick and Easy Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

This Roasted Red Pepper recipe is all about a very quick and easy to prepare pasta dish. If you have the time to roast the red peppers yourself on the stove top, do so. If not, you can by jarred roasted red peppers and they work fine as well. For the recipe itself, start with the pasta, add diced onion garlic, red peppers and butter, add them all up and blend.

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Quick and Easy Roasted Red Pepper Pasta



June 4, 2013

Still the Best Dessert Suggestion

Not only sometimes but all the time that we needed fresh fruits to finish a meal. In fact, many of us agree on fruits as still the best choice to finish a meal. It is even less routinely than preparing something decadent. Summer is still the season that bears delightfully-tasting sun-kissed fruits. It is during this season that we see baskets and baskets of different fruit varieties.


While enjoying a slice of crunchy apples or a juicy watermelon, why not make it extraordinary by transforming the fruits into something different? Imagine how slices of fresh berries make a wonderful sweet after-meal treat when poured over with frozen yogurts, or stirred into batters to make crunchy and fruit-smelling, scones, bars and squares. Just make sure your knife blade is sharp so as not to mush the fruits. What about mid-morning fruit sorbet, and chucked strawberry or pineapple topped with jellied raspberry puree for the afternoon? Contrast is delicious, remember.

Fresh fruits, frozen or dried are whole foods that contain natural sugars from the fruit itself yet are low in calories and saturated fat. Even during the royalty times, people used to serve fresh fruit slices on platters. There are so many possible fruit dessert variations. In my case, I like cutting oranges half with the rind on. This makes a beautiful fruit plate that always makes a hit.


Another idea is to make fruit shake, smoothies, fresh fruit juice and concoctions. Have you tried low-sugar smoothies using banana? You’ll not forget Peanut-Banana Espresso Smoothie. Try it.
You will impress everyone serving them with concocted real fruit-tasting juices. Broiling ripened fruits also brings out the fruits inherent sweetness. You can also use pineapple for a variation. Make granite treat with ripe melon and apple juice with squeezes of lime juice to perk up the flavors.

Slow juicing them is a lot better. Frozen grapes and raspberries can be made to mini-popsicles, too.

The possibilities are endless. I suggest that you begin discovering plenty of fresh fruit dessert recipes that use orange, or orange juice a lot. You don’t only add some after-meal zest, you are embracing a very healthy treat full of vitamins!


Isn’t Blending Fruits And Vegetables In A Green Smoothie Improper Food Combining?

Are you fond of combining fruits and vegetables in a green smoothie? The food combining hypothesis states that certain food combinations should never be consumed since such combinations will disrupt the body’s balance, cause digestion problems, and lead to poor health and “toxic buildup”.

Food combining “no-no’s” include mixing protein with fat, or protein with carbohydrate. Fruit should always be eaten separately, and certain types of fruit should not be mixed. For example… Read more.



Juicing Tips to a Healthier Juice

When you drink your vegetable juice, the juice should be at room temperature. This means you should take your vegetables out of the fridge and place on the counter for a few hours before juicing. Ideally and if you can, leave your vegetables out overnight to ensure they are at room temperature. Cold food shuts down the digestive system and this would then defeat the purpose of juicing.

Read more juicing tips, here.



May 27, 2013

Which Is Better – Juicing or Blending

This is a trick question!

Both are good. Juicing is a process which extracts water and nutrients from produce and discards the indigestible fiber, while blending consists of fruits and vegetables in a blender. All the fiber is contained in the drink and you can use things like bananas, avocados, flax seed etc. that you wouldn’t want to juice.

Freshly squeezed vegetable juices form part of most healing and detoxification programs because they are so nutrient rich and nourish and restore the body at a cellular level. So is blending better than juicing? or juicing better than blending? Is there any one better?



The Nutrition of Prickly Pear Fruit – Cactus Juice

Sounds unusual but cactus fruits are becoming popular because of their far-ranging benefits, flavor and flexibility. Being anti inflammatory food, it helps control blood pressure, balance cholesterol levels, and lower blood sugar levels. Because cactus juice is a natural remedy for arthritis, it is known very helpful when you get on in years.

If you have cactus plants near your house, there are juice recipes to make juice of both the pad (vegetable part) and pear (fruit). Find out how healthy this prickly pear fruit is.



Ever Wonder About “Fresh Squeezed 100%” Orange Juice?

In the world today, the method used to make orange juice we see in the lovely “Not From concentrate” boxes involves a process of removing all oxygen from the juice so it does not oxidize in the extremely large million gallon tanks the juice is stored in for up to a year.

So how do they go from tasteless, stored away juice to “fresh squeezed” goodness in a box? How did those ideals make there way into something so innocent and wholesome like orange juice? Are you the organic juice fan, or a trooper that makes your own? Read more.



May 25, 2013

12 Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

No need to use ice for something cool to start the day. To get the most flavor and nutrients into your smoothies, use frozen fruit, instead. You can use portion of your fruit like berries or bananas and keep them in the freezer for instant access. You can also add an extra kick with powder proteins and vitamin mixes, if you like.

Just because these smoothies are for breakfast, doesn’t mean a little chocolate can’t be in the party. Keep the cherries mostly frozen for a thicker drink. Enjoy!.



May 22, 2013

Preserved Fig, Raspberry and Lemon Jam

Figs are great in everything from salad to fish entrees. This particular recipe will teach you to make a succulent fig, lemon, and raspberry jam that’s sweet yet tangy perfect idea for the summer months. You can of course use strawberries instead of the raspberries if you so desire. You will like everything from the blend of the fig’s subtle perfume to the bold raspberries, and to the tart lemon.

[Editor’s Note: The most modern technique of making easy jam is by use of a kitchen machine. You might wish to see the details at Your Smart Kitchen]

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Preserved: Fig, Raspberry and Lemon Jam

lemon jam


May 21, 2013

The Healthiest Cooking Methods – Explained

People in general look at the fryer when thinking of unhealthy meals. But little did they know, many don’t think about how their cooking method affects the nutritional make-up of the food they’re preparing. Most of us don’t eat at restaurants for all our meals, rather we do make most of our meals at home. If healthy, sustainable trends are happening in the kitchen, it’s very good news.


Fresh veggies and fish when steamed, stew in their own juices and retain all their natural goodness. No need for fat-laden additions to up the moisture. When a fresh vegetable boils down, they are still nutritious no matter how you cook it. It’s always good to add a little seasoning first, whether that’s a sprinkle of salt or a squeeze of lemon juice.


Poaching is boiling’s cousin. Basically, poaching means cooking the given food in a small amount of hot water (just below boiling point). The main reason for poaching is to reduce the excess fat of the food.
This is one of the quicker, simpler and more convenient ways of cooking. Foods become easy to digest when prepared with this cooking technique.



Clearly, broiling is the best way to cook your food, provided that you do it on the kitchen stove. Some of us however thought that grilling our food outdoors is the answer. Broiling entails cooking food under high, direct heat for a short period of time. It is a great way to cook tender cuts of meat (remember to trim excess fat before cooking), but may not be ideal for cooking veggies, since they can dry out easily.

Find the difference between grilling and broiling.


No Cooking
You’ve heard how raw food diets gained tons of attention these days. Studies have shown eating the rainbow consistently reduces the risk of cancer, but the jury’s out on whether raw or cooked is really best overall. Since “no-cooking” is mostly plant-based, you end up eating more vitamins, minerals, and fiber, with no added sugars or fats from cooking.

Even though cutting and tossing a few ingredients into a blender and cleaning up afterwards can still be daunting, you can go easier with a hand blender so cleaning is as simple as running it under running water.


Heating destroys some nutrients in vegetables; stir-frying or steaming help retain the heat sensitive nutrients, plus, a small amount of oil is used at high temperatures to quickly sear or steam the food. It’s as fun and easy as cutting meat and veggies into thin strip, heating the wok (or a saute pan), adding a small amount of oil, and stirring everything until just cooked through, this requires about 5 minutes. This is a saute pan, and this is a wok.

Of all in the list, stir-frying is what I find really fun, colorful and interesting method. What is yours?

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