July 5, 2013

Why You Should Get an Italian “Piral” Terracotta Cookware


In Liguria, Italy for more than a century, Piral has been working the clay and firing its ovens in Albisola. Piral is renowned for its terracotta cooking vessels used in the preparation of some of the finest regional Italian cuisine.


The 1870 Collection comes in an away of designer colors, several sizes of cookware, and unique serveware pieces; it can be taken directly from the oven or stovetop to serve at your table, enhancing your presentation. Clean up is easy due to the “crystalline” glass like finish.


Safe for:

– Oven, Microwave, Wood-Fired Ovens, Grills, Barbecues, Dishwasher.
– Use directly on the flame of Gas stovetops (heat diffuser required for Electric stovetop use – both coil & glass)
– Lead-free terracotta, Completely natural materials, Environmentally friendly cooking properties
– Naturally Non-Stick and Non-Toxic due to the Crystalline Glass-like Finish of the glazed interior and exterior
– Light weight, energy efficient and its non-metal characteristics mean better flavors.
– Capacity – 4.5 qt with 2 handles and lid


Beauty-wise, these terracotta pots and pans are hand-dipped in various brilliant finishes to give a range of radiant colours to the cookware. Due to the possibility of a wide variety of colours, you can choose the cookware to match your kitchen furniture and personal taste. Immerse and fully cover all Piral terracotta cooking and serving ware in warm water for approximately 6 hours BEFORE FIRST USE ONLY Heat on the flame over a very low heat with a small amount of oil for 10 minutes. Wipe clean and you are ready to go.

It is the true “green” alternative being sought by the consumer. The benefits of Piral are it’s completely natural materials, environmentally friendly cooking properties and exceptional beauty and versatility. Why you should get an Italian Terracotta clay cookware? Because it carries an Italian classic elegance like no other… and Your Smart Kitchen knows how your own kitchen deserves something smart, beautiful and timeless cookware.

If you look at this terracotta history, you will realize that our terracotta today is a specialty of nature, country cooking and traditional recipes primarily from the Italian Renaissance. Visit Your Smart Kitchen now.

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October 17, 2014

liona Shareing @ 7:52 am

Hi I bought what appears to be one of these products, it looks like a frying pan with handle, clay bottom, dark brown glaze on sides and orange interior, “albisola, 24 made in Italy” on the bottom.

Should I immerse this in water since I don’t know what the previous owner did with it?

Would it be lead free being a possibly older version of this product?

I’d be grateful for your opinion since I have health issues and want to use a toxin free way to prepare my food. thanks

November 17, 2014

yogiwan @ 4:55 pm

Sorry for the slow response but I have closed the Your Smart Kitchen store and do not look at this often. To clean I would suggest soaking in water and the using a soft scrub brush to clean off anything on the surface. You can use baking powder or Bartender’s Friend to clean stubborn bits.

I should not have any lead in the clay. The type of clay was discontinued in the early 60s.

I am not familiar with your particular product but all clay bakers with or without the ceramic glaze interiors are terrific for health cooking.

Terry Retter

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