January 19, 2013

Make Your Own Cream – Easy Homemade Alternatives

Cream is a base ingredient in many dips and sauces. It is also the one responsible for our creamy chowders and soups. Since cream is the fatty layer that surfaces to the top of milk, it becomes that thick and heavy smoothness that serves a wonderful ingredient to a great variety of foods. While most substitutes cannot offer the exact same flavor or consistency of a genuinely-rich cream, they still have the ability to enhance texture, appearance and flavor in most recipes, especially baked goods. Not only looking delicious but also tasting good, as well.


Soft Tofu

The closest a vegan can get to substitute cream as far as consistency goes is soft tofu. You can substitute soft tofu into sauce and dessert recipes that call for cream as tofu. If you don’t like mayonnaise, make this tofu cream at home. Tofu creams are quick and easy to prepare and indispensable for making vegan desserts. They can be served plain or with a flavoring, such as fruit jam or nuts.


Low-fat yogurt is most ideal. Mexican recipes use yogurt in place of sour cream. Yogurt is an especially ideal substitution for cream because you don’t need to add anything to it. You can also substitute it using the same amount you would for cream or sour cream.

Butter and Milk

There’s no yogurt and definitely hard to find soft tofu – make cream from scratch. The simplest is ¾ cup milk and ¼ cup butter. For low-fat milk,  you will want to increase the butter to 1/3 cup; if you have evaporated milk, use it. Slowly add the milk into melted butter. So far, this is the quickest to get cream substitution. This is also the kind of alternative that won’t get you notice the absence of cream in your baked goods.

Egg Whites

Don’t ignore your egg whites. One or two egg whites per each 1/4 cup serving of cream can make you a substitute that works best for baking desserts and sauces. Simply beat the eggs or egg whites until they are creamy and then add them to your recipe. Use a a standing mixer on the second to highest setting, we use a hand mixer, easier and faster. If you need a work-out, you can also try whipping by hand. Not a bad idea.

If you’re simply too tired to do all the suggestions above, there are other good alternatives to the full fat creams with satisfying creamy taste and texture, try low fat Crème Fraiche. For a particularly low calorie option, try Sainsbury’s Virtually Fat free yogurt, or if you’re into evaporated milk , try Asda’s.

Our trips to local Farmers’ Market has prompted us to make simple creams at home. Not really required but sounds a good idea. So my L’Equip hand blender is among the busiest appliance in our kitchen equipping us in our quest for simple and healthy eating. You too will be surprised at how impressed people seem when you make them homemade whipped cream to go on a dessert, or crepes, or whatever the occasion may be.

There’s nothing like enjoying how to make creams from scratch with an easy to use and clean blender. If it’s the one missing in your kitchen, fill it by using the discount coupon YSK-Jan. You can subscribe to get the details.



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