July 10, 2013

Homemade Granola Recipes

Granola is not just a delicious, healthy snack, it is extremely versatile as well. It is a simple matter of knowing exactly what you want your taste buds to experience to make a granola recipe one that is specifically for you. All you have to do is grab your favorite fruit and toppings and mix them in.

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Homemade Granola Recipes



May 25, 2013

Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Bread Pudding

Perhaps not many have tried and tasted a sinful breakfast bread pudding such as this. This whole idea originally came from French toast with bananas and peanut butter tucked into the center, but twisted the idea into something different.

It’s a combination of salty sweetness, just perfect for a lazy morning. This pudding could easily be one of your favorite breakfast dishes as its easy, fun to make and perfect for a crowd because you can make it ahead. You’re not going to miss on this one.

[Editor’s Note: Heavy-duty casseroles with easy-to-grip lipped handles are terrific substitutes for ramekins.]



12 Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

No need to use ice for something cool to start the day. To get the most flavor and nutrients into your smoothies, use frozen fruit, instead. You can use portion of your fruit like berries or bananas and keep them in the freezer for instant access. You can also add an extra kick with powder proteins and vitamin mixes, if you like.

Just because these smoothies are for breakfast, doesn’t mean a little chocolate can’t be in the party. Keep the cherries mostly frozen for a thicker drink. Enjoy!.



Full Ripe Banana with Dark Patches Combats Abnormal Cells and Cancer

Did you know that antioxidants in ripe bananas protect your body against cancer and heart diseases? Therefore, eating one or two bananas is indeed good for health. The research concluded that the activity of ripe banana can act as an anti-cancer agent by stimulating the production of white blood cells in the human cell line. Read the article here.



May 23, 2013

Cast Iron Biscuits Can Be Fluppy

Soda biscuits are a different breed from the canned dough these days due to the traditional flavor that tasted like a biscuit/pancake hybrid. Well, an overwhelming trick to a fluffy biscuit is to PREHEAT the Dutch oven.  While you are cutting up your biscuits, start heating up the oven and lid over the fire and when its hot then you can place the biscuits in.

This is a neat recipe that is fun to create; be prepared for some heavy lifting though. But by the time you turn the biscuits and then get brown tops, there’s the masterpiece to bring you joy. The recipe is in this link.



May 21, 2013

Clean Eating Is on the Rise

It is said that forty-four percent of home cooks are embracing clean eating, a way of eating that eliminates processed foods by adding more whole foods and vegetables, encouraging organics and eating less meat.

Never miss a meal, especially breakfast. Avoid all over-processed, refined foods, especially white flour and sugar. Avoid saturated and trans fats. Avoid sugar-loaded colas and juices. Avoid all calorie-dense foods that contain little or no nutritional value. Depend on fresh fruits and vegetables for fiber, vitamins, and enzymes, and more. Insisting on “fresh” produce is unnecessarily restrictive, as frozen or canned versions can offer the same nutritional benefits.

I’m giving you the floor – should we be really eating clean to be healthy?

clean eating


How to Poach Eggs Perfect Every Time

There are about as many methods to poaching eggs as there are egg recipes everywhere. Poaching sounds easy, but the question is – do you really know how to poach eggs perfect every time?

While you may feel a little intimidated at the thought of creating such perfection, it’s actually among the simplest things to do in the kitchen that you can master even without the use of a poacher. Poaching egg the Smitten-kitchen style makes it fun to learn it’s all about how hot the water in the pan is. See they poach eggs –How to Poach an Egg – Smitten Kitchen Style



May 20, 2013

Vegan Banana Blueberry Oat Pancakes for Breakfast – No Egg

Even if you are not vegan, you may just be looking for a recipe for easy pancakes with no eggs, so this would be great recipe for a healthy breakfast. They are quite healthy as far as pancakes go too. When your pancakes are done, top with some fresh blueberries (though optional), maple syrup, vegan butter, honey, or jam… or chop up some apple.

This recipe sounds a bit complex but one of the easiest to prepare. The recipe is here.



Fluffy Omelets with Asparagus and Ramps

The omelet has been a staple on menus for a long time that you can have for breakfast, lunch or dinner. There is a new way to make an omelet fluffy and with the texture of a souffle. Let’s call the recipe Fluppy Omelets with Asparagus and Ramps. Many are a little intrigued at the idea, and to them there’s the fluffy omelet, light, delicate and ethereal.

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Fluffy Omelets with Asparagus and Ramps



May 19, 2013

Polenta with Chorizo and Queso Fresco for Breakfast

I have previously posted this recipe sometime last year, however I recently made it again and revamped the ingredients. I think it is much better so I am posting it again.

This dish is actually boiled and slow-cooked cornmeal “mush” typically made with coarsely ground yellow corn meal. In the North regions of Italy, it is a staple daily dish topped with meat, fish, pasta sauce, cheese, or vegetables. Cooled and hardened, polenta can be sliced, sauteed or grilled, and served sweet or savory, your choice. You can even make a layered polenta torta, reminiscent or a lasagna.

[Editor’s Note: If you love cooking polenta with cast iron but have trouble lifting and carrying the heavy pieces, light cast iron pan is for you.]



1 1/3 cups crumbled queso fresco or feta cheese (about 6 ounces)
1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro
3 1/4 cups water
1 cup polenta (coarse yellow cornmeal) or regular cornmeal
1 1-pound bag frozen yellow corn kernels, thawed
1 pound fresh link chorizo sausage, casings removed
1 pound cherry tomatoes (about 3 1/2 cups)


Preheat oven to 425°F. Toss cheese and cilantro in small bowl. Mix 3 1/4 cups water, polenta, and corn kernels in 13x9x2-inch glass baking dish. Sprinkle generously with salt and pepper and stir to blend well. Bake until water is absorbed and polenta is tender, stirring once, about 25 minutes.

Meanwhile, sauté chorizo in heavy large skillet over medium-high heat until browned, breaking into small pieces with side of wooden spoon, about 6 minutes. Add cherry tomatoes to skillet. Cover, reduce heat to medium, and simmer until tomatoes soften, about 6 minutes. Uncover; crush some tomatoes with fork. Simmer until tomatoes release juices and sauce thickens slightly, about 10 minutes.

Spoon polenta onto plates. Top with chorizo mixture, then cheese mixture. Perfect for breakfast, perfect for anytime. Just in time for the summer season.


Leftover polenta usually solidifies into the shape of the container in which you store it. Slice or cube then roast, grill, or deep-fry. If you like to make it creamy (like it used to) warm it with a little broth, milk, or water, and stir thoroughly. Though it will not be as creamy as it was originally, the idea will make it still pourable and wonderful to eat.