June 4, 2013

Isn’t Blending Fruits And Vegetables In A Green Smoothie Improper Food Combining?

Are you fond of combining fruits and vegetables in a green smoothie? The food combining hypothesis states that certain food combinations should never be consumed since such combinations will disrupt the body’s balance, cause digestion problems, and lead to poor health and “toxic buildup”.

Food combining “no-no’s” include mixing protein with fat, or protein with carbohydrate. Fruit should always be eaten separately, and certain types of fruit should not be mixed. For example… Read more.



Juicing Tips to a Healthier Juice

When you drink your vegetable juice, the juice should be at room temperature. This means you should take your vegetables out of the fridge and place on the counter for a few hours before juicing. Ideally and if you can, leave your vegetables out overnight to ensure they are at room temperature. Cold food shuts down the digestive system and this would then defeat the purpose of juicing.

Read more juicing tips, here.



May 27, 2013

Which Is Better – Juicing or Blending

This is a trick question!

Both are good. Juicing is a process which extracts water and nutrients from produce and discards the indigestible fiber, while blending consists of fruits and vegetables in a blender. All the fiber is contained in the drink and you can use things like bananas, avocados, flax seed etc. that you wouldn’t want to juice.

Freshly squeezed vegetable juices form part of most healing and detoxification programs because they are so nutrient rich and nourish and restore the body at a cellular level. So is blending better than juicing? or juicing better than blending? Is there any one better?



The Nutrition of Prickly Pear Fruit – Cactus Juice

Sounds unusual but cactus fruits are becoming popular because of their far-ranging benefits, flavor and flexibility. Being anti inflammatory food, it helps control blood pressure, balance cholesterol levels, and lower blood sugar levels. Because cactus juice is a natural remedy for arthritis, it is known very helpful when you get on in years.

If you have cactus plants near your house, there are juice recipes to make juice of both the pad (vegetable part) and pear (fruit). Find out how healthy this prickly pear fruit is.



Ever Wonder About “Fresh Squeezed 100%” Orange Juice?

In the world today, the method used to make orange juice we see in the lovely “Not From concentrate” boxes involves a process of removing all oxygen from the juice so it does not oxidize in the extremely large million gallon tanks the juice is stored in for up to a year.

So how do they go from tasteless, stored away juice to “fresh squeezed” goodness in a box? How did those ideals make there way into something so innocent and wholesome like orange juice? Are you the organic juice fan, or a trooper that makes your own? Read more.



May 25, 2013

12 Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

No need to use ice for something cool to start the day. To get the most flavor and nutrients into your smoothies, use frozen fruit, instead. You can use portion of your fruit like berries or bananas and keep them in the freezer for instant access. You can also add an extra kick with powder proteins and vitamin mixes, if you like.

Just because these smoothies are for breakfast, doesn’t mean a little chocolate can’t be in the party. Keep the cherries mostly frozen for a thicker drink. Enjoy!.



May 9, 2013

Creamy Bitter Sweet Coffee Cocktails

For the best dessert adventurer, you should already know by now why Bourbon is famous when it comes to making after meal treats, or why master chefs use notes of wine or liqueur to make fabulous desserts.


This may not be something that you would want to have on your menu, but to booze up even the simplest coffee and cream or milkshake, combining chocolate, coffee, cream and whatever you have in hand with drops of Port or Sherry wine, can already be a cocktail entry. For today’s weekend surprise, I picked some Bourbon revelations for you. I thought the idea of a simple bourbon or any wine pour-over could also begin to gravitate in your list of homemade desserts, drinks and ice-creams.


Coffee and brandy blended in a whiff of creaminess makes for great food and good times. Like coffee cocktails containing notes of chocolate, almonds, citrus, pomegranate, and even jasmine, drops of brandy can enhance any single three-in-one cuppa. But because coffee cocktail is a little complex with the bitter flavor, acids and sugars in the coffee, it is as well important to know various brew methods, bean qualities and basic formula. Equipping your kitchen with basic know-how, and getting a good coffee grinder, coffeemaker, or a blender; even the simplest coffee drink ideas from Folgers will be feast.

Caffeine and alcohol makes among the most interesting blends of flavors. When making coffee cocktails, the more natural the flavor of coffee the more it makes a difference; remember that coffee is freshest within 4 to 6 days of roast. Once coffee is ground, oils begin to go rancid and push to the surface of your cup, which is why it is ideal to only grind beans at home immediately before use. The fresher your coffee, the fabulous coffee cocktail you can serve. Don’t forget to balance the flavors, each should compliment each other. Brandy, rums, cognacs as well as fortified wines are top choices when it comes to coffee pairings. This coffee bourbon milkshake can be the easiest and best you will ever have.

If you’re new to the world of fancy coffee drinks, coffee drinks illustrated is a must read. It will teach you about preparing one and how adding extra ‘shots’ of espresso can make your drink stronger. Even without alcohol, iced-coffee treats are fabulous. Click here.


Don’t Let a bad Wine Ruin Your Wedding Day

While Cabernet Sauvignon is the most popular red wine in America that’s best for hearty meats, Sauvignon Blanc, a super-versatile white that goes splendidly with seafood, chicken, eggs, vegetables, and salads, should not be overlooked. These two wines stand out for their exceptional value especially for wedding banquets.

But many of today’s brides and grooms seek more sophistication in the beverages they wish to serve at their reception, with wine playing an increasingly large role. If you’re not in a rush, you should have time to take a few of the recommended wines home, taste them, and, if they’re delicious, go back for more. Don’t let a bad wine ruin your wedding day.



How To Pair Wine with Food

People are sometimes worried that they will not be able to match the perfect bottle of wine with food. So, if you are planning a dinner for your friends or a loved one, and you want everything to be perfect, including the choice of wine, some good reads will help you make the best decision when it comes to wine.

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How To Pair Wine with Food



April 20, 2013

What Is the Greenest Way to Drink Coffee?

We just had green smoothies, now what exactly is the greenest way to drink coffee? Obviously, any type of raw coffee bean may be used for this purpose, and making your own coffee at home is simply the greenest way. We drink coffee mostly first hour of the day, but with the fast and forward style of life we have today, the easiest ways to drink coffee are not already always the greenest.


There are several advantages of grinding your own coffee. Aside from the convenience of not having to head down to your local coffee shop for a cup of freshly-brewed coffee, beans ground just before brewing makes the most aromatic and best-tasting coffee. Since flavor, antioxidants, flavonoids and other nutrients in the beans are preserved, it builds less stomach acid than those that have been ground and stored for months.

When you grind your coffee beans, you get fresh come coffee when you wake up in the morning and don’t want to wait for the morning commute to get your hot cuppa. You drink your coffee in the comfort of your home without waiting in lines or drive through windows; it saves you money, and the final reason, is the opportunity of unlocking the natural freshness of raw beans.

When coffee is ground, beans release oils responsible for your coffee’s heartwarming flavor and aroma closer to the natural taste of the coffee bean. According to the National Coffee Association, more Americans are making coffee at home using either whole beans or ground coffee. Whole beans are believed to produce the best-taste because, in their original state, they maintain the highest level of freshness and come from a single country or region — as opposed to a blend. Now, you’re ready to brew your own coffee.

Just make sure you only grind the amount you need for one pot of coffee at a time to ensure freshness anytime. To avoid moisture that can hurt the quality of your coffee especially when outdoors, store the ground coffee in an airtight container and avoid storing in a sunlit area.

making coffee

Don’t get tired of grinding your own coffee. If you’re home roasting, all that is needed to roast your own coffee beans is green coffee beans. There is nothing like a cup of coffee, which has been freshly roasted, ground and brewed to perfection. Lastly, you enjoy the taste of fresh coffee and return to the daily grind of a beautiful classic cups of coffee.