July 2, 2013

Prawn Buying Secrets – Have You Mastered Them?

I have posted this prawn tips awhile back. Have you already mastered it?

Prawns are among the most wonderful seafood and there is nothing like mastering the best way to thaw frozen shrimp/prawn and the best ways to prepare them. You must already know how good this seafood is for you for its being high in protein, and eating them is a great way for the family to get enough iron, zinc and vitamin E. Prawns also contain heart-friendly omega-3 fatty acids. Cooked using healthy methods such as grilling, steaming and stir-frying, and with “good” fats such as olive oil, they’re also very low in fat and saturated fat.


Let’s go back to basics. The best way to buy prawns is through a reputable retailer. Green prawns come both fresh and frozen (but most commonly frozen and thawed for your convenience) ask your retailer if these are fresh or frozen as it is not recommended to re-freeze thawed prawns. Always make sure the seafood is covered appropriately and do not allow it to sit in its own juice. If possible, make sure you have the seafood draining and tip out the drained juices frequently.

However, buying prawns can also be complex and should be given attention. With the vast range or chilled and frozen seafood products these days, there are seafood secrets just essential for consumers to know about. A few secrets of selecting from a mix and match matrix of seafood varieties and flavors, will bring you to the magic of delicate seafood salads, or transform green (uncooked) prawns into flavorsome dishes in minutes. It will discover you which between peeled prawn meat or prawn mince you’d be buying if you are planning to cook Asian-style dumplings, patties and skewers.

It pays to be well-informed and with experts that put rigorous attention to stocks and quality of prawns, fishermen, government organization, chefs and consumers can all be confident we have the best prawns available anywhere. Have you mastered all the secrets? I also have gathered the best tips for your lobsters, learn the tricks here.


June 30, 2013

John Beaver’s 5 Essential Herb and Spice – Tips for Home Cooks

Spices are crucial for the home cook. That’s why John Beaver, spice expert and owner of Oaktown Spice Shop shares with you his top 5 tips for choosing and using spices. First, in most (but not all!) cases, whole spices which you grind at home are better. Second he provides tips on grinding. Third, he gives tips on keeping spices as fresh as possible. Fourth, there are also tips for cooking with spices. And don’t miss the final piece of advice. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Read the full article here:
John Beaver’s 5 Essential Herb and Spice Tips for Home Cooks — Expert Essentials



June 4, 2013

Juicing Tips to a Healthier Juice

When you drink your vegetable juice, the juice should be at room temperature. This means you should take your vegetables out of the fridge and place on the counter for a few hours before juicing. Ideally and if you can, leave your vegetables out overnight to ensure they are at room temperature. Cold food shuts down the digestive system and this would then defeat the purpose of juicing.

Read more juicing tips, here.



June 1, 2013

Five Cooking Mistakes to Avoid in the Kitchen

In many instances, the urge to get cooking leads people to start preparing a dish without a clear sense of the exact steps they should take. Hot pans or a grill, for example, the heat from the pan or grill is transferred to the food through direct contact or touching. The food has to reach a certain temperature (depending on what you’re cooking) in order to reach doneness.

Hot pans are cool, unless your recipe gives you specific instruction to do otherwise, give your pan (and any oil you’ve added) a little time to heat up before adding any food. There’s a simple solution for the many mistakes .



May 26, 2013

7 Steps to Making the Perfect Short-Rib Stew

Making a hearty stew is simple. To cook this delectable stew add meats, veggies, and starches that are in the refrigerator, freezer, or pantry. Take these ingredients and put them into a pot with broth or stock, add fair quality wine, and mix seasonings.

Let the ingredients cook over a simmering flame while you complete other household tasks or relax. A recommended short-rib recipe is given in detail using seven steps. Ingredients for the ribs and the braises are included. Click here for the steps.



May 24, 2013

Potato Chips vs Pretzels on Memorial Day

It says that the winner food is again a matter of what you are trying to avoid, but even though these food are lower in calories and fat, they can be much higher in sodium. So the bottom line is that moderation is still the key, and you need to look at your overall plate, not just one item. That way you can make sure you don’t avoid calories and fat at the expense of too much sodium. But most importantly have a great time with family and friends this Memorial Day.

What to eat and what not to eat can be challenging. And the winner is!

a pretzel


May 17, 2013

4 Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Child How to Cook

Generally, the best teacher that a child can have in the kitchen is the mother. Kids by nature are very curious with almost anything. When a child starts to get curious with the activities in the kitchen and starts asking questions about cooking, that is the best time to start teaching him/her. These reasons are what I find very important which have become helpful. My grown-up kids are wonderful home cooks.

Helps develop intellect

You may not be aware of it but teaching children the basics in cooking is equally teaching them simple mathematics (as in measurements, addition, subtraction, multiplication. Division and fractions), English (as in vocabulary and reading comprehension, language development), Chemistry or science (as in cause and effect). There are lot more skills that are being developed once you let your child explore the confines of the kitchen.


Develops self-confidence and self-esteem

As newbies, your child may commit mistakes like improper handling of tools, gadgets, cooking utensils, and might be discouraged. Detailed explanation and words of encouragement are great factors that help build confidence among children. Enjoy laughter with your child when the situation calls. Kids love it. Just knowing that he can perform some tasks in the kitchen from the start to finish enables him to develop self-esteem.

Be aware of the Basic Kitchen Rules for Adults Cooking with Kids. This helps.

Learns the importance of following directions or instructions

Cooking is never done without directions to follow. The very basic is to start it step by step for the desired results to be good if not best. Not following the right directions might turn out into a nightmare and you won’t let this happen to your child. Cooking instructions will be eventually stored in his mind.
Your child can also learn ensuring safety in the kitchen and safety in purchasing food.

Teaching your child how to cook can develop his passion and sense of responsibility

With a self-developed passion, children will not rely on fast foods or take-out meals. Knowing how to cook is the best they can offer when they eventually marry. This way every child is sure that he/she is feeding the family the best healthy foods. Developing in your child the skill and the passion in cooking can be a passport for him to a financially rewarding career.


Techniques to a juicier salad, what dressing, how to toss and serve, are among the first lessons every child can handle. Don’t let them do the chopping on their own.

When your child knows how to cook, he will eventually know the nutritional values and the health benefits that he gets from a particular food. He can learn to choose responsibly and will learn to value the money spent on food. No one really knows what will become of your child in the future. He might be the best chef who owns the best restaurant, or the number one food chain in the future.


Easy Recipes that Kids Can Cook

Teaching kids about food can begin in the grocery store, as well as in the garden, but the real magic happens alongside you, in the kitchen. But before this, it’s important to have a good recipe with simple steps that children can do themselves – supervised, of course – and delicious results that will leave them excited to cook again.

Dinner just might be the most challenging time to cook with your kids. Just be wise not to take on too much. I hope you’ll find these collection of recipes just a few minutes to put together for your little chefs. Get it from Easy Recipes that Kids Can Cook.



May 12, 2013

Slicing Crosswise or Lengthwise – Explained in Pictures

The difference between the two methods can be important to some recipes, especially during grilling. For example, when an onion is cut lengthwise, its root section will remain intact, preventing smaller segments from falling through the grill. When an onion is cut crosswise, it will not stay together as well.

Why does all this matter? Let’s say you’re trying to make onion rings. You want to cut crosswise. But let’s say you want to grill an onion and you want all the layers to stay intact as a little onion wedge. In that case you want a lengthwise cut, so the root holds all the layers together. This is a good read.



April 28, 2013

Rib Tips – A Few Suggestion

It’s about the rub. Applying your favorite “rub” not more than 2 hours before cooking results to great ribs that taste great without sauce. Remove the first membrane on the back side of ribs. Use a dry butter knife to scrape into the membrane, then take a paper towel to grip that sucker and tug-should come off every time. The meat is done when a toothpick goes throw the meat like it was warm butter. Internal temperature will be 190°f to 200°f.

Don’t sauce until the ribs are cooked, one or two coats of sauce in the last 15 to 30 minutes on the cooker will do. For a sweeter glaze add some honey to you BBQ sauce. When slow-smoking, always pull the membrane off the slab of the ribs. The membrane prevents you from getting flavor on the back side of the rack as well. You want to season and sauce both sides of the slab not just the top side. Some great secrets to slow smoking ribs are here.