June 28, 2013

The Next Omnivore’s Dilemma


It is claimed that berries are much more nutritious than other fruits and vegetables. Eating them were a major source of diet for man during the hunting and gathering period. Eating on the Wild Side explains the fascinating changes that have taken place in our food in the 10,000 years since man’s adoption of agriculture, and the unintended consequences of those changes.

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The Next Omnivore’s Dilemma


June 16, 2013

Steaming Vegetables

How do you enjoy fresh, steamed vegetables prepared in a bamboo steamer? Each time, a vibrant, satisfying reminder of just how good vegetables can be when prepared simply with care and intent. A bamboo steamer is inexpensive, easy to use, and steams vegetables quickly. There is always an easy recipe at the end that can be made with a variety of vegetables which uses the bamboo steamer.

[Editor’s Note: Another green steamer/cookware alternative is a Pro Multi-Use Pot that can steam, simmer, stew, boils and blanch vegetables.]

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Steaming Vegetables



June 15, 2013

Everything’s Coming Up Green

“There is always something to be done in the garden” is one of the more crucial sentences in this short story. Besides radish, three varieties of lettuces (Arugula, Buttercrunch, and a Loose Leaf), carrots, broccoli, were experimented. The smallest but useful of all is a beautiful parsley plant that survived the winter and came back for a new year.

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Everything’s Coming Up Green



June 1, 2013

Seasonal Foods : Spring’s Healthiest Swaps

Spring marks the first sign of summer produce – cherries and strawberries all begin as early as April, with a very brief apricot harvest following in May, and ending by June. Plums, apriums, and pluots all begin their harvest in May and June as well. New potatoes begin to crop up around this time as well. Fresh pastured eggs should become more plentiful, since hens unexposed to artificial light will produce more eggs as the days lengthen.

The bounty of greens arriving at farmers’ markets this time of year makes it a great time to trade in your tried-and-true healthy foods for something new.



May 26, 2013

Ratatouille – Summer Vegetable Stew

Something old and French-y these Memorial days can bring a rainbow of stewed summer vegetables. This is “food on the food” at its best/worst. If you have a vegetable garden of ripe tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, this recipe will bring back tradition. Use thyme and basil to make the flavors bright.

This takes about an hour and a half from start to finish, but any Ratatouille is worth the wait. Read and find the recipe here

a pretzel.


May 21, 2013

The Healthiest Cooking Methods – Explained

People in general look at the fryer when thinking of unhealthy meals. But little did they know, many don’t think about how their cooking method affects the nutritional make-up of the food they’re preparing. Most of us don’t eat at restaurants for all our meals, rather we do make most of our meals at home. If healthy, sustainable trends are happening in the kitchen, it’s very good news.


Fresh veggies and fish when steamed, stew in their own juices and retain all their natural goodness. No need for fat-laden additions to up the moisture. When a fresh vegetable boils down, they are still nutritious no matter how you cook it. It’s always good to add a little seasoning first, whether that’s a sprinkle of salt or a squeeze of lemon juice.


Poaching is boiling’s cousin. Basically, poaching means cooking the given food in a small amount of hot water (just below boiling point). The main reason for poaching is to reduce the excess fat of the food.
This is one of the quicker, simpler and more convenient ways of cooking. Foods become easy to digest when prepared with this cooking technique.



Clearly, broiling is the best way to cook your food, provided that you do it on the kitchen stove. Some of us however thought that grilling our food outdoors is the answer. Broiling entails cooking food under high, direct heat for a short period of time. It is a great way to cook tender cuts of meat (remember to trim excess fat before cooking), but may not be ideal for cooking veggies, since they can dry out easily.

Find the difference between grilling and broiling.


No Cooking
You’ve heard how raw food diets gained tons of attention these days. Studies have shown eating the rainbow consistently reduces the risk of cancer, but the jury’s out on whether raw or cooked is really best overall. Since “no-cooking” is mostly plant-based, you end up eating more vitamins, minerals, and fiber, with no added sugars or fats from cooking.

Even though cutting and tossing a few ingredients into a blender and cleaning up afterwards can still be daunting, you can go easier with a hand blender so cleaning is as simple as running it under running water.


Heating destroys some nutrients in vegetables; stir-frying or steaming help retain the heat sensitive nutrients, plus, a small amount of oil is used at high temperatures to quickly sear or steam the food. It’s as fun and easy as cutting meat and veggies into thin strip, heating the wok (or a saute pan), adding a small amount of oil, and stirring everything until just cooked through, this requires about 5 minutes. This is a saute pan, and this is a wok.

Of all in the list, stir-frying is what I find really fun, colorful and interesting method. What is yours?

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May 18, 2013

The Best Varieties for Tomato Lovers

Have you ever wondered why steaks go great alongside a great side with tomatoes? The sauce of the tomatoes with the juicy steak makes a good combination and yet very light. Tomatoes are known acidic in flavor, yet they come out still winey and sweet.

In making salads, the bicolors, with mild and sweet yellow flesh shot through with veins of red, are a visually stunning subset of the yellow/orange category. Tomatoes are guaranteed to give any salad or sandwich a slice of summer in every bite. Tomato lovers or not, it’s only a must to learn The Best Varieties for Tomato Lovers



May 3, 2013

Asian Banana Blossoms Salad

Banana blossom or banana flower is a common ingredient in Southeast Asia. It is found in all local markets, clean, shredded and crispy. It is famously used in any occasional treat, though you can be eating banana flower salads at least every time you get a feel of a salad. Some people don’t like the chalky astringent texture, but that’s more pronounced in raw green banana than in the blossom itself. Check the recipe, here.

banana blossoms salad


April 20, 2013

Fruits to Cover Bitter Taste in Green Smoothies

Green Smoothies are the easiest and best tasting way to get mega-doses of fresh, dark greens into the body. However, not all of us enjoys it because dark greens are by nature bitter. Some greens are even more bitter. While fresh mild greens have a delicate flavor that is easily masked by just about any fruit, many greens such as kale and dandelion are a bit difficult to deal with, especially in a smoothie.

Instead of holding frowning on a kale smoothie, you can use tactic to include these green superfoods into your next smoothie without tasting them. I too believe that the more dark green leafy vegetables I can get into my diet, the more energy I sure will have during the day. No more bitter taste now. If some have enjoyed green smoothies, we too can, with these secrets.



Green Sunrise Smoothie

Green Sunrise smoothie consists of the usual ingredients for smoothies, frozen fruits and Greek yogurt mixed together in a blender. With spinach and kale, it gives the blend a refreshing green color. If you can convince your children to look past the green color, green smoothies make a healthy, filling breakfast. If the green color is simply too much for them, simply omit the spinach (or you can even use kale), and they’ll more than likely be begging for seconds!

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Green Sunrise Smoothie