July 4, 2013

The Last Chefwannabee Newsletter

I have been working with Your Smart Kitchen for nearly 7 years and it has been a series of learning opportunities. We started not knowing anything about running on online business or much about eBay, Amazon or Google. We didn’t even know what a blog was or how to run one. And we knew very little about creating and maintaining a web site. We have learned a lot since then.


When we started we were looking to generate a bit of income to augment my retirement. And at the beginning, it looked like this would be achieved. But then we ran into some growth issues and the internet marketing business went through several significant changes. So what started as a part time sideline became a full time effort. And the idea of supplemental income became an increasing investment – an investment that now looks like it will have no return.

So I am going to shut down Your Smart Kitchen.


The web site will remain operational and I will accept orders for the next several weeks just in case there may be some items of interest that you were waiting for the right time. PayPal has implemented a “lay away” payment program that lets you buy now, pay over the next several months and have delivery later such as Christmas and I will be supporting any orders that take advantage of that program. The 13% discount coupons for June have expired but I have initiated and new closing coupon for 13% below (There is no big closing sale as I do not have any inventory to dispose of except for two medium size Romertopf clay bakers).

I will be looking at new opportunities in the near future that incorporate internet and social media marketing, so any suggestions you might offer would be welcome.

And look for the Best of Your Smart Kitchen Cookbooks over the next few weeks. The topics range from soups, to pasta, to ribs, to cookies, and several more. These have been in process for the last few months and I will be finishing them for publication shortly.


No recipes, no tips and not even any feature products for this edition. Just thank you to all who have followed the newsletter over the last four years. I will miss the continuing conversations.
Our objective has always been to make cooking easier and more fun. Everyday great tasting meals should not be a chore and should not take time away from other things. It is my hope that you enjoyed some of our recipes, put some of our tips to good use and will continue to enjoy great meals.

Use this coupon code YSK-2013 for 13% discount on our regular discount prices. It will be good until the site is discontinued. All orders will be processed and delivered through the end of this year.

All the best to you,

Terry Retter
Your Smart Kitchen


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