July 3, 2013

Your SMART Kitchen is Closing — Time to Buy What You Need

It was not an easy decision, but Your Smart Kitchen, your online source for both quality cookware products and information regarding cooking and kitchens, is in the process of shutting down.

The term “Your SMART Kitchen” means more than just how and what to cook. Smart cookware, cutlery and kitchen appliances make a smart kitchen. It is the kind of kitchen where people can gather to talk, to help and to cook, or the center of the social activities for your home. Time to buy what you need.

Two sizes of frying pans. These may be stainless steel (we suggest Fissler), cast iron or non-stick ( with PFOE a free finish such as Woll Diamond’s Plus). Typically, starting with one non-stick and one stainless steel and adding others as your requirements grow is recommended.


One Dutch oven that is able to go from the top of the stove into the oven. There is more versatility with enamel coated Dutch ovens and they will not affect soups, sauces or other long cooking dishes.


One small and one larger stockpot for pasta, poaching chicken, and other items. While the are a number of cheaper aluminum options, stainless steel pots with a substantial base will provide better results and last a lot longer.

Sauté or sauce pans can fill these requirements for needs up to around 3 or 4 quart sizes.

A large stainless steel or non-stick roaster is useful for holidays and large family gatherings.


One item that is not frequently thought of but is quite versatile and useful is a clay baker which can be used for a wide array of meat and fish dishes as well as vegetables, bread for even deserts.

Grab the 13% off on already discounted prices on pots and pans, cutlery, bakeware, kitchen appliances and related kitchenware specializing in FISSLER, MARIO BATALI, CHASSEUR, WOLL Nonstick, and other leading brands. Visit Your SMART Kitchen now.



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